Defining Your Success

When we talk about success, we normally look at the superstars we see on tv. That successful football or acting career, but success doesn’t have to be that.

When we look at success in that big way it doesn’t seem achievable, it seems out of reach to us “normal” people.

But what if we looked at Success and defined it for US, specifically to meet our needs where we are RIGHT now?

Just last week a client shared with me that in a strategy session earlier this year where I asked the question to her and her business partner, “What does success look like to you” was a game-changer, “Why” because they both saw it differently and didn’t know it. By knowing exactly what each of them thought about success, allowed them to see each other just where they were. They knew where they were starting from and from that place were able to redefine what SUCCESS meant to them and their business.

If you don’t know what “Success” looks like for you, you can never get there.

It’s the same as dreaming BIG…if you don’t know what dreaming BIG is for you…then how are you supposed to get there?

Defining Your Success is individual and personal and is just the first step towards creating the life you want and dream of.

Don’t sell yourself short by thinking you’re not in control of your success, because you are.

Go and do it…take 15 minutes today and sit with a blank piece of paper and jot down the words at the top, “Success means to me” or “Success looks like” and then brainstorm below.

By doing this exact step, you will begin to visualize and define your success…who know what amazing things will happen next?