In today’s day and age, there are actually too many choices to choose from.

There are studies that show that the brain gets overloaded when there are more than a few choices to choose from.

In your life and business where are areas you can limit your choices to make the decisions easier for you, your client, family, loved ones?

Putting constraint on your choices is key for completing items in a timely manner and staying on track.

If you don’t limit your choices, before you know it that one search you did for a new dishwasher has you down a 2-hour rabbit hole.

So how do we limit choices?

We make a decision ahead of time how many choices we want to seek.

For instance, if you are looking for a dishwasher, normally you would know a brand you like or the features that are a must. Start your search there…not by just typing in dishwasher.

Then as you dig into your search, find three things to choose from and shut down your search. That’s right…stop looking because we all know you can find more…but who needs more.

If your goal is to get things accomplished and have an amazing business and personal life…limiting your “choices” is key…key for getting it all done.

So, the next time you create a proposal for a client, think to yourself, “How can I limit the choices so the client can choose easily?” Now see what happens.