You Can Be Anyone You Want, So Who Do You Want to Be Today?

Do you want to be that amazing leader who listens to his employees with an open mind and challenges them to be their best? Do you want to be the supportive co-worker who stands behind another executive and cheers them on to succeed on a project you know will make a positive difference to the organization and those in it? Do you want to be a great listener and just sit and hear how one of your employees are struggling with

Small Steps

In life and business, we tend to focus on the big wins like your team winning the Super Bowl or getting Funding from a VC firm. What we don’t focus on is all the “Small Steps” in-between that they had to take to get to these big wins. By focusing on the Big Win, we hold ourselves back from taking intentional small steps each day. We see Big Wins as not possible. There is no way I can get funding for

Problem Solving

What is a problem that is on your mind right now? It could be a business problem or a personal problem? Either or it is holding you back today from your true potential. You might not see it, but I have personally experienced it and have seen it in my clients. When you don’t deal with the issues or problems, they don’t go away, no matter how much you try to push them away. They keep veering their ugly head until

Positive Actions = Positive Change

I have to start by telling you I LOVE Seth Godin. Why you ask? It’s because daily in his blog posts he is able to communicate a large idea, something you have to read a couple of times to truly digest, but he does this with very few words. His post below reminded me of a simple, yet hard choice to make in today’s busy/stressed out world. Positive Actions = Positive Change, that is a fact. Squeaky wheels Do you really

The One Thing

Have you ever had a day when you didn’t know what was most important to focus on because you felt like everything was important? On those days, I like to get a blank piece of paper and write down everything I think is important and then choose the “one thing” to do first. That’s right, one thing to do first. Everything on that list might be important but to create clarity and get traction, I just choose one. By doing this

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

I know, I know…really do I think things should go as planned…yes, in my perfect world they do. Listen, I am a planner. Someone who when they have a client meeting creates a unique agenda based off the objectives of the meeting and the client’s goals. I pride myself on being prepared, yes I was a Girl Scout. But as you are all well aware, it doesn’t always go as planned, so what do you do then? When things don’t go