Positive Actions = Positive Change

I have to start by telling you I LOVE Seth Godin. Why you ask? It’s because daily in his blog posts he is able to communicate a large idea, something you have to read a couple of times to truly digest, but he does this with very few words. His post below reminded me of a simple, yet hard choice to make in today’s busy/stressed out world. Positive Actions = Positive Change, that is a fact. Squeaky wheels Do you really

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

I know, I know…really do I think things should go as planned…yes, in my perfect world they do. Listen, I am a planner. Someone who when they have a client meeting creates a unique agenda based off the objectives of the meeting and the client’s goals. I pride myself on being prepared, yes I was a Girl Scout. But as you are all well aware, it doesn’t always go as planned, so what do you do then? When things don’t go