What we “Focus” on grows. Have you ever heard of this saying? I have, and to me, it is the foundation of my work. Daily we all get to decide where we are putting our focus. Is that focus on “one” thing at a time, or are we all over the place with our thoughts and actions just spraying? Results happen when we focus when we set our gaze and narrow in on the result we are looking to achieve. Where

Start Small

Starting small is starting, and starting is the key to moving your life and business forward. So why do we debate and second guess ourselves so much on the small start? What will really happen if we fail at our small start? Will anyone even notice? The answer is NO, maybe, who cares? When we start small, we do things that no one even notices. It could be that small change to our morning routine or the small change to our

The Real Truth About Confidence

If I asked you to name one person you thought was very confident, your mind would go right to that guy/girl at work who takes on any task and jumps in to help in any part of the business without questioning it. These people always amazed me because it seemed like they never questioned their ability when I did. I asked many of my “confident” friends how they do it. How they started their own business, how they spoke in front

The Secret to Happiness Does Not Include Ice Cream

That’s right, happiness is not wrapped in ice cream, comfy sweat pants or anything else that makes you comfortable. Studies show that we are most happy when we are creating, building, growing and that involves EFFORT. Effort to get off the couch from watching Netflix and go to the gym. Effort to get up 20 minutes early each morning to do your morning routine, the one that gets you energized for your day. All this effort causes discomfort, discipline, and intentional

What Can You Change Daily?

John Maxwell says, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” This quote spoke to me because the old me NEVER CHANGED. I prided myself on being a consistent and dedicated worker. I never thought to change my surroundings or anything big in my life. Now that I am older, I can see that this mindset was one that came from childhood. My parents divorced when I was young and even though I had a consistent

You First

I recently read a blog post from Marie Forleo where she shared that she tells her clients to always create first thing in the morning before checking e-mails or doing anything for anyone else. I found this comment life-changing because it helped me to get clear on what I should be doing 1st thing in the morning…focusing on “me first”. It might sound selfish to do something for yourself first thing in the morning when you might have a child who

You Can Be Anyone You Want, So Who Do You Want to Be Today?

Do you want to be that amazing leader who listens to his employees with an open mind and challenges them to be their best? Do you want to be the supportive co-worker who stands behind another executive and cheers them on to succeed on a project you know will make a positive difference to the organization and those in it? Do you want to be a great listener and just sit and hear how one of your employees are struggling with

Positive Actions = Positive Change

I have to start by telling you I LOVE Seth Godin. Why you ask? It’s because daily in his blog posts he is able to communicate a large idea, something you have to read a couple of times to truly digest, but he does this with very few words. His post below reminded me of a simple, yet hard choice to make in today’s busy/stressed out world. Positive Actions = Positive Change, that is a fact. Squeaky wheels Do you really

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

I know, I know…really do I think things should go as planned…yes, in my perfect world they do. Listen, I am a planner. Someone who when they have a client meeting creates a unique agenda based off the objectives of the meeting and the client’s goals. I pride myself on being prepared, yes I was a Girl Scout. But as you are all well aware, it doesn’t always go as planned, so what do you do then? When things don’t go