I think about labels all the time. The labels I am referring to are the ones I give myself. You know the ones, like: I am not organized, I am lazy, I don’t know how to do things right, I can’t do that because that isn’t me, I am not a morning person. You see, these labels hold me back and hold you back from your true potential. We say them like they are the TRUTH…like you were born a morning


You are the creator of your world. You are the creator of your experience. You are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your profession. You are the creator of your day. So… When is the last time you thought about what you wanted to create? When is the last time you got up and decided on purpose what type of day you wanted to create? When is the last time you decided how you wanted to create

Silver Linings

What are the silver linings you want to acknowledge and bring forth into the future? We have all been through a lot, but we have also grown in ways we never expected. When we look back at this pandemic, what will be the silver linings you want to remember? How do you want to remember how you got through this difficult time? Remember it is always in our power to choose how we want to see things. We can see the

Who Do You Want to THANK?

If we have learned anything during this time, it is there are a lot of people we have taken for granted through the years. Maybe I am the only one, but there are a lot of people I WANT to thank. I WANT to thank my daughter’s teachers for having the patience to deal with a lovely 9-year-old who has a lot of questions and believes she has all the answers. The emergency responders, nurses, doctors, etc. who put their own

Just DO It

Just DO It. Yes, it is that simple. I know you have something you have been putting off because you have been waiting to see how long this crisis is going to last…you know that pandemic we have been dealing with. So, what is it? Stop making excuses and Just DO It. I know if we were together you would say…Michelle, it isn’t that easy…you don’t understand. Well, yes, I do. I too had been making excuses until I didn’t…until I


Love is always the answer, but only always. When we are feeling sad, disconnected, depressed the first thing we should ask ourselves is, “How can we love?” Love ourselves, love others, love those we have never met, love…love…love. Love opens our hearts, brings in expansion, and helps us accelerate forward in a way of abundance and joy. It’s not easy to love, but it is worth practicing. The next time you are feeling down, blah, or just off…think of someone you

What Can You Create?

During this time of uncertainty, we need to focus on what we can control. For me, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want to create, build, and bring alive during this time. I know that what I want to create brings me hope, anticipation, excitement, and in the end the feeling of accomplishment and control. So, what can you create? If you weren’t afraid of failure or being embarrassed what would you create? A book,

Life ISN’T a Straight Line

Life ISN’T a Straight Line You know this, I know this, yet we forget. During this crisis when have you wished your plan, your straight line for the month would have worked…continued on? How did it make you feel to think that? To wish there was a straight line and not fall forward into realizing it has now turned into a detour, zig zag…off road excursion? When we remind ourselves that Life ISN’T a Straight Line, we allow ourselves to take


Trust means, “Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something.” Who do you trust and why? Who don’t you trust and why? As leaders in our homes, work, life we need to think about trust and how we use it. Do we trust our children when we ask them to do something? Do we trust our employees to use their knowledge to solve a problem at work? Trust isn’t easy for some of us, or most

Biggest Challenge

What is your BIGGEST challenge right now? Personal or professional, get one in your mind. Now, what is the outcome you are wanting? What are the facts? Who do you need to be in order to solve this challenge with the outcome you seek? If you approached this BIGGEST challenge from a place of love and openness, what would be the next best step you would take to solve this challenge? Now do that one thing! YOU GOT THIS!