Too Complicated

Where are we making it too complicated? For me I tend to over-analyze an idea and not move as quickly into action, thus making it too complicated. We can make it too complicated when thinking about cooking, parenting, being an effective manager, being a great friend. Making things too complicated is around us in our business and personal life. I keep reminding myself that making it too complicated makes it less fun. Less fun…less freedom to try and fail and try


When I speak engagement, I am not talking about getting married. I am talking about the level of engagement you have in everything you do. I recently heard, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” To me, that is engagement. When you think about your life…have you gone ALL IN on the things that mattered. Have you upped the engagement in those areas? Do you even know what the most important things in your life are? When we

No One Learns When Everything is Going Great

That’s right…no one learns when everything is going great. Have you ever listened to a successful person talk about how they built their life and career they were dreaming of? Almost always it doesn’t start off by painting a perfect childhood or adult life. Almost always there is something that went wrong that lead them on that path to excel, to change, to move past fear and take action. When everything goes well, it goes well. You get things done; you

Develop the Habit

No matter what you want to accomplish…there is a habit that aligns with where you want to go. Habits are things you do…and do regularly. It could be daily, hourly, weekly…something you do over and over again to accomplish something. If you don’t realize you are filled with habits, then you haven’t taken a deeper look at yourself. No matter if you mean to or not…your habits are determining your results. You eat donuts everyday…most likely the result you are getting


I heard a quote lately that had me stop in my tracks…one that got me to really stand still in the moment and think about what I just heard. The quote was, “No matter how bad it gets, you can always make it worse.” WHAT! Initially, I thought, “This is a horrible quote, one I cannot relate to.” But as I thought deeper, I saw how this quote is so true and one we ALL need to remember. We need to

What Can We Change

What can we change? Everything? Yes, we can always change how we see things. When we talk about changing things, we automatically think about changing other people or circumstances that are beyond our control. What can we change is all about how you think about something…at any given time you can decide to think something different and that creates change. How you ask? Because we take control of what we can change and that is our thoughts. Think about it…at any


In today’s day and age, there are actually too many choices to choose from. There are studies that show that the brain gets overloaded when there are more than a few choices to choose from. In your life and business where are areas you can limit your choices to make the decisions easier for you, your client, family, loved ones? Putting constraint on your choices is key for completing items in a timely manner and staying on track. If you don’t


Does anyone out their worry like me? Worry about if something is going to go wrong on a project you have extensively planned for? Worry about getting hurt or sick? Worry about your child? Worry is a horrible place to be because it paralyzes us. Worry creates our minds to shut down, to stay in limbo. Worry shuts down our ability to think of a solution creatively. But Concern…concern is another word. One where if you move from Worry to Concern,

Why Would I

Why would I, is a great question to ask yourself when you are trying to make a decision. Why would I, helps you define your “why” so that you move forward, backward or stay where you are because you want to. Why would I, slows you down to get clear before just doing something out of habit. If you have any new goals for 2020 you should be asking yourself often, “Why would I” because it will help you get focused

New Year New You

I know…New Year, New You…I am sure you have heard this before…but what if we actually made that mean something this year…2020? What if we took time to define what the “new us” would look like? What if we played around with the idea of a “new you” and what changes you could make to your life, small changes that could add up to a NEW YOU. A NEW YOU that chose to do something. Not the “new you” who decided