Why Would I

Why would I, is a great question to ask yourself when you are trying to make a decision. Why would I, helps you define your “why” so that you move forward, backward or stay where you are because you want to. Why would I, slows you down to get clear before just doing something out of habit. If you have any new goals for 2020 you should be asking yourself often, “Why would I” because it will help you get focused

New Year New You

I know…New Year, New You…I am sure you have heard this before…but what if we actually made that mean something this year…2020? What if we took time to define what the “new us” would look like? What if we played around with the idea of a “new you” and what changes you could make to your life, small changes that could add up to a NEW YOU. A NEW YOU that chose to do something. Not the “new you” who decided


Blessings are all around us this Holiday Season. Blessings are in the good: cousins playing, families gathering, amazing food. Blessings are in the bad: plans falling through, gifts we wanted but didn’t get, families disagreeing. Blessings are all around us, but only if we want to see them. We have a choice this holiday season to choose to see that everything that happens to us, around us can be a blessing or a curse. A blessing or a misfortune. The act

Believing in Yourself

Believing in yourself can be one of the hardest things you do. Believing in yourself means believing in yourself no matter what. Believing when you mess up, make a mistake, take a path you now see wasn’t the right one, let yourself down… Believing you can get up and dust yourself off and see the learnings in the wrongdoings…in the errors…in the issues. Believing that beating yourself up isn’t helpful but a deterrent to creating the traction you need to do

Feeling of Not Enough

During this time of year, it is really easy to produce the feeling of not enough…not enough: Time Money Energy Resources Love You name it, around this time it just seems like “not enough” comes up a lot…so, what do we do? #1 We get clear on what’s most important. #2 We eliminate activities/purchases/events that are NOT important or something YOU want to do. #3 We honor ourselves and the self-care we need to be 100% in our life and business.

Defining Your Success

When we talk about success, we normally look at the superstars we see on tv. That successful football or acting career, but success doesn’t have to be that. When we look at success in that big way it doesn’t seem achievable, it seems out of reach to us “normal” people. But what if we looked at Success and defined it for US, specifically to meet our needs where we are RIGHT now? Just last week a client shared with me that

When Something Doesn’t Go As Planned

When something doesn’t go as planned, how do you react? You can either get upset and let it ruin the rest of your day, or you can roll with it and continue on to the next best step…maybe within the “same thing” or maybe you have to leave that “thing” and return later. The big thing to look at is how quickly can you pivot and move on from a situation that puts you into a holding pattern on a process

You First

I recently read a blog post from Marie Forleo where she shared that she tells her clients to always create first thing in the morning before checking e-mails or doing anything for anyone else. I found this comment life-changing because it helped me to get clear on what I should be doing 1st thing in the morning…focusing on “me first”. It might sound selfish to do something for yourself first thing in the morning when you might have a child who

Small Steps

In life and business, we tend to focus on the big wins like your team winning the Super Bowl or getting Funding from a VC firm. What we don’t focus on is all the “Small Steps” in-between that they had to take to get to these big wins. By focusing on the Big Win, we hold ourselves back from taking intentional small steps each day. We see Big Wins as not possible. There is no way I can get funding for

Problem Solving

What is a problem that is on your mind right now? It could be a business problem or a personal problem? Either or it is holding you back today from your true potential. You might not see it, but I have personally experienced it and have seen it in my clients. When you don’t deal with the issues or problems, they don’t go away, no matter how much you try to push them away. They keep veering their ugly head until