Business Strategy - EOS

We work with exceptional 2nd Stage Business (Revenue Range $1 and $50 Million) that are already successful but want to grow their business to the next level of their success and don’t know how to get there on their own. We come into the organization and work with the business owners and their executive team to devise a strategic plan and vision using the EOS platform to create their next level of growth and development while focusing on three core areas: People, Processes and Profit.

The development of solutions is highly interactive to ensure we are focusing on the right things to solve your biggest issues effectively. We work directly with owners on learning all their issues, concerns and vision. The owners and teams we work with have a growth mindset, open to new ideas and solutions and are not afraid to deal with current challenges that are holding them back from their success.

EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementation
A highly successful, simple, practical approach called EOS, The Entrepreneurial Operating System which focuses on Vision, Data, Processes, Traction, Issues, and People. Through developing tools and practices around these areas you will develop:
A strategic plan for your organization by focusing on what is most important while letting what is not serving your growth and development go.
A common language (EOS) that can be followed company wide.
A vision for where you are going and how to get there.
An organizational layout that matches where the organization is going.
Goals (Rocks) set quarterly by executives to ensure your 1-year vision is accomplished.
A process to evaluate if you have the right people in the right seat to take you to your next level of success.
A systematic approach to handling any company/employee issues.
A scorecard filled with key metrics to ensure you are moving in the right direction.
A successful weekly meeting outline that ensures results and productivity.
Do You Struggle With?
Creating the right structure to support your growing business?
Having the right people in the right seat for your next level of growth?
Having the key employees in place to allow you the business owner to focus on the big picture?
Working too much and not having enough downtime to recharge?
Knowing the key KPI’s that allow you to know if your business is on the right track?
Crucial conversations that you don’t know how to have?
Employees not knowing exactly what their role is within the organization?
How to balance your time accordingly to ensure the most “important” activities get done each day?
Finding the right team members that align with your core values?
Getting your entire company rowing in the same direction to create growth and cohesiveness?
Not knowing what exactly you should focus on next?
Creating a vision for your business?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, please hit this button to connect with our team so we can set up a time to have a discussion about all the key benefits about EOS and how it can help you the business owner or executive team take your business and life to the next level of success.

The EOS Entrepreneur
Compartmentalizing Your Business