The Challenge
An owner who wants to learn how to let go of his/her day to day responsibilities so he/she can focus on the vision and continued growth of their organization.
The Solution

Completing a full EOS implementation focusing on developing new roles for key employees to take the burden off the CEO/Owner.

Working directly with the owner to determine their new areas of focus based on their unique-ability and where they believe they could be most influential to their growth of the organization.

Educating the executive team and owner of the value of “Delegating and Elevating” employees to their next level of greatness, by taking tasks that were once important for the owner/executive to do and giving them to another employee at the organization, which levels them up. Thus, freeing up time for the owner/executive to work on what is most important “now” for the continued success and growth of the organization while creating a more valued employee.

The Result
An owner that has trust in his/her executive team and employees that they can complete the day-to-day activities while he/she focuses on what brings him/her most satisfaction, joy and energy.