The Challenge
Creating a structured organization to ensure continued growth, profitability and consistency for the next generation of ownership.
The Solution

Completing a full EOS implementation. This will allow the current and future owner to get on the same page as to what the future of the company is and what they envision.

  • We will begin by working with the executive team to create all the EOS tools. In particular the Accountability Chart. This tool aids the team in developing an organizational structure that will best suit them in the years to come. It is a vision of what they will be growing into based on this year’s projections and their 3-year picture. The wonderful thing about this tool is we start with talking about functions like accounting, sales etc. and build based on the organization’s specific functions and not employee names. This is key for keeping emotions out of the development and allowing for creativity and possibilities to bubble up and thus creating an Accountability Chart for growth and function. After completing the function portion, the team moves on to listing the 5-7 key roles for each function. At a glance, the owners will be able to see what each employee’s role is within the organization. This is invaluable to the owner whose company has grown organically over the last few years and has lost sight of each person’s position.

Developing and Creating processes throughout the entire organization to ensure consistency and accuracy. I work directly with managers and employees to conduct interviews to gather information about each person’s role within the organization and their processes. During the interviews, we offer ideas of best business practices and communicate any issues or concerns with the owners. At the end of the project, all major processes are produced in electronic and hard copy format for the owners, managers and employees to review at any time.

Executive Coaching to work with each leader to envision their new role in the organization and how they will now work together. When moving leadership roles, it is key that everyone knows their position and what they are responsible for and that is communicated to the executive team and employees. It is also important that the leaders create a new working relationship based on these new roles. It is hard to let go of responsibilities and to assume roles that were performed by someone else before. We work closely with the executives to develop their own unique leadership style while keeping them focused on their big-picture vision.

The Result
An owner with a vision, plan and confidence that their organization and legacy will continue on when/if they decide to leave. An organization that is structured and aligned with a vision that is communicated and understood by their employees, and a leader who is ready to take them to the next level of their success.