Positive Actions = Positive Change

I have to start by telling you I LOVE Seth Godin. Why you ask? It’s because daily in his blog posts he is able to communicate a large idea, something you have to read a couple of times to truly digest, but he does this with very few words.

His post below reminded me of a simple, yet hard choice to make in today’s busy/stressed out world. Positive Actions = Positive Change, that is a fact.

Squeaky wheels
Do you really want the grease?
Or would you rather make things better?
The best way to contribute to a community or a brand isn’t by complaining.
It’s by making things better.
Taking responsibility (without authority) and creating a positive cycle of generous action. Leading by example. Finding a small corner where you can make a difference–and then making a difference.
We keep optimizing our systems for squeaky wheels.
But often, all we get is a patch, not a fix.

What do you see in this post? I see Seth showing us that #1 it starts with us, YES us, but only ALWAYS. #2 The “better” attitude you have affects more individuals then you might imagine.

Think about the times where you wished someone acted or said something differently. Realize that focusing on the other person, doesn’t help you create the change you want to see in the world. Most of the time, the change I want others to have is exactly the change I need to make personally, to be a “better” person.

Secondly, this idea that we actually affect others more then we think is something to really spend time on. I for one have gone through a drive-through and bought a coffee for the person behind me. The person doesn’t know who you are, but you know who you are, and the lasting positive effect on you is priceless. The act of making another strangers day not only causes positive feelings for yourself and the stranger, but everyone the both of you interact with throughout the day and week.

So the next time you feel like complaining or wishing someone was different, think about how you could change that cycle and look for the positive and then create change in your life and the life of others. I dare you to go and buy a stranger a cup of coffee and start living a life that focuses daily on “Positive Actions = Positive Change”.

Together let’s see what we can create.