Building Successful Implementation Processes

Are you spending time producing processes that no one follows? Getting others to follow your lead is not easy. Many think writing employees up for not following procedure will punish them into utilizing them. However, it doesn’t work. Employees begrudgingly use them but not to their fullest or most effective means possible. It’s time to build genuinely successful implementation processes. 

Engage Employees

The best method to ensure “buy-in” from employees on the new implementation process is to engage them during the development stage. Preview the new approach with key employees. Then, get their input on how successful it could be. Sometimes, owners, leaders, or managers forget the people who must utilize the new process. For example, in Accounting, Jane has been doing her job for the last 15 years the same way. She knows why she does this, and how she does it to ensure payments are correct. Telling Jane how to do her job won’t work. That technique doesn’t bode well and doesn’t get you the buy-in you need for successful implementation processes. Jane needs to be engaged in the process. 

Guide to Building Successful Implementation Processes

Engage Jane and other employees by utilizing this step-by-step method to ensure successful implementation processes

  1. Gather any individuals impacted by the new process and share with them “WHY” you are looking to update it.
  2. Then, tell them the initially developed processes.
  3. Engage them and ask questions. 
    • What looks good in the process?
    • Does anything need to change? 
    • What would they like to see?
    • How can I make this even better and more straightforward?
  1. Update the process using the feedback you received from your employees.
  2. Bring everyone back in and share the “updated” process.  
  3. If there are no additional changes, create an “Agreement” with the group as to the start date.  

After initiating the new process, follow up with employees to see how it’s going and see if they have any questions. This additional measure ensures they have kept their “agreement” and shows them you care, creating trust.

Implementing this approach is the most effective way to create and roll out new processes. Without engaging employees, you could be wasting your time on another ineffective process. Use this guide to have the confidence you need to create procedures that result in higher efficiency, higher productivity, and higher engagement when moving forward.

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