The 4 Pillars to Effective Management
Program Developed For:
New or Seasoned Managers
and High Potential Employees

Effective Communication



Art of Managing Others

We developed The 4 Pillars to Effective Management Program to grow and create powerful communicators, delegators and owners. The program is designed with companies in mind, knowing that every minute counts.


Do you have managers and employees who are: Hard Workers, Engaged, Show Initiative, Energetic and Dedicated to Growing your Organization? These high potential individuals seek growth and development and want to do right by the company, but just don’t know-how. They have been an amazing employee, moved up the ranks but now need the foundation to manage a team successfully. We dedicated the program to give your managers the skills necessary for them to succeed in Management, just as they did as an individual contributor.


We provide space, so each manager is able to not only understand the concepts but practice integrating them into their daily activities. We know the concepts will be new to them, but these individuals crave to be tested, want to achieve, and thus enjoy taking learnings and applying them to their team and organization. Through the process of: Learning, Testing, Review, and Re-test, employees will get the reps needed to cultivate and live The 4 Pillars to Effective Management.

Managers can expect to:

Grow confidence in their abilities to manage their team effectively.

Develop the ability to hold crucial conversations, so they’re proactive in dealing with employee and management issues and concerns effectively.

Cultivate teamwork by learning how to focus on their team, not just themselves.

Gain respect with their team by being an example of how they would like things to be done.

Build a team that others will want to be a part of because they know what to do, when to do it by, and know they are being heard.

Program Structure
Program duration: 3 months
  • 45-minute individual 1:1 conversation with each manager/employee to identify individual goals for the program.
(6) Zoom group sessions, 2 per month (90 mins each)
(1) One-on-one Executive Coaching call per month/participant (60 mins)
All audios, books, videos included.
Statistics Show

According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.


A study conducted by the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce (EQW) says, increases in workforce education level were far more effective at increasing productivity than increases in the value of equipment.

Be ahead of the curve and
invest in Human Capital so you can:
Attract and Retain Great Employees
Boost your Reputation in the Market Place.
Increase Innovation and Performance.
OUR program customized
to fit YOUR needs.
$3,000.00 per employee
3 month program
Developed for groups (minimum of 2,
maximum of 5 for best results)
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