The 7 Pillars to Effective Leadership
Program Developed For:
Senior Level Leaders, Executives,
and High Potential Employees.


Personal Development


Effective Communication


Measurement of Results


We developed The 7 Pillars to Effective Leadership Program to grow and create Intentional Leaders. The Program is designed with companies in mind, knowing that every minute counts.


Do you have current leaders and employees who are: Self Driven, High Energy, Motivated, Creative, Problem Solvers, and Dedicated to Growing your Organization? These high potential individuals seek challenges and learning opportunities because they need to keep their high achieving minds active and focused. We dedicated The Program to give your leaders the skills necessary to harness their energy and direct their ideas towards the activities/projects that will bring the biggest return to them while benefitting the company.


We move quickly and slow down when needed. We ask the questions that no one has asked before. Our process will engage and challenge them to think differently and creatively, which fuels their minds and increases engagement. These individuals need structure, need to be heard, and need to continue developing to be their most Effective Intentional Self, leaders’ others within the company will want to follow.

Leaders can expect to:

Grow to their next level of leadership by doing things they haven’t done before.

Question their current way of thinking to take their life and business to the next level.

Engage their employees at a higher level to get the desired results.

Master the art of crucial conversations to tackle problems when they begin and learn to recognize potential roadblocks before they occur.

Improve personal effectiveness with the versatility to communicate better with everyone in the organization.

Cultivate an owner’s mindset to gain control over the outcomes they want to create as a leader.

Become the leader others will want to follow because they do what is promised, by listening effectively and communicating openly with a positive result in mind.

Program Structure
Program duration: 6 months
  • 45-minute individual 1:1 conversation with each leader/manager to identify individual goals for the program.
  • Bonus: 4-hour Social Styles Assessment VISIT WEBSITE FOR BONUS DETAILS
(12) Zoom group sessions, 2 per month (90 mins each)
(1) One-on-one Executive Coaching call per month/participant (60 mins)
All audios, books, videos included.
Statistics Show

According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.


A study conducted by the National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce (EQW) says, increases in workforce education level were far more effective at increasing productivity than increases in the value of equipment.

Be ahead of the curve and
invest in Human Capital so you can:
Attract and Retain Great Employees
Boost your Reputation in the Market Place.
Increase Innovation and Performance.
OUR program customized
to fit YOUR needs.
$6,000.00 per employee
6 month program
Developed for groups (minimum of 2,
maximum of 5 for best results)
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