Blessings are all around us this Holiday Season.

Blessings are in the good: cousins playing, families gathering, amazing food.

Blessings are in the bad: plans falling through, gifts we wanted but didn’t get, families disagreeing.

Blessings are all around us, but only if we want to see them.

We have a choice this holiday season to choose to see that everything that happens to us, around us can be a blessing or a curse.

A blessing or a misfortune.

The act doesn’t change, but what if we chose to see it as a Blessing?

How would we be different this Holiday? How would we be different to those around us if we looked at everything as a Blessing?

Blessings come when we decide to see them as Blessings.

This holiday how can you create Blessings all around you? Because you want to, because you choose to?

I wish you many blessings this Holiday!