Tips to Balance Work & Family Life

Are there people in your life (partner, child, friends) who frequently complain that they never see you? Are you dedicated to your career but find it challenging to balance work and family? How do we balance it all?

Many keep charging ahead, working 70 hour weeks without any free time for friends or family. However, the disconnection grows and results in long-lasting ramifications on mental and physical well-being. BUT…there’s another way. The tips below will help balance work and a family successfully. 

Steps for Balancing Work & Family

The first step to achieving a harmonious balance is defining how much time you “want” to spend with your family and friends. Most people say there isn’t any specific time. However, how much time is there? Two hours? Five? Then, ask your family or friends how much time they would like to spend with you. Compare numbers. Do the times line up? Is there room for improvement on your part? 

After defining the time needed for family or friends to feel as though they’re a priority:

  1. Schedule time to spend with them by adding it to your calendar, which will get you in the habit of scheduling “free” time before other appointments.
  2. If your goal is to leave the office each day at 5:00 pm, block out that time.
  3. If your goal is to leave the office at 2:00 pm next Friday for baseball practice, again, block out that time.  

This simple strategy will “create” time with family and friends and allow you to enjoy those precious moments without worrying about losing work time. This system will help ensure you are building and investing in those important relationships in your life. You are worth it. Create this time and see how you grow. 

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