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Productivity Steps

Are you having a hard time being more productive at work? Production difficulties stem from constant interruptions from employees, emails, meetings, and more! What’s the solution?  Many think working more hours is the key. However, this leads to feeling burned out and frustrated. Plus, it can also lead to angry partners and kids at home. However, these 5 steps to being more productive at work will teach you successful time management skills. Therefore, you’ll accomplish more during working hours.  First, realize

Two-Step Employee Coaching Process: Empower More Productive Staff

The two-step employee coaching process for getting what you want out of your employees starts with you! Have you ever wished your employees would focus their efforts on a specific project or work product, but they aren’t? How do you turn those thoughts into effective communication? Many bosses/leaders/managers believe by not saying anything directly to the employee but complaining to others that this is a successful strategy. It isn’t. Instead, try this two-step process. It clearly defines what you want and