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You want to build a business; you need to be consistent with your daily actions ensuring you are focusing on the “things” that will bring growth to your business. You want to lose weight; you have to develop consistent eating and exercise habits. You want to become a better communicator in your organization, you need to consistently practice your communication. To be better at something, to grow something, to develop something…it all starts with being consistent. People ask me the key

BE The Change

You want people to be more kind in the world, you BE more kind. You want your manager to communicate more effectively, you communicate more effectively. You want your Wife/Husband/Child to be more loving; you BE more loving. You wish a best friend would call you more often; you call your best friend more often. I am sure you are catching on…but BE the change you want to see in the world. It starts and ends with you. You always have


What brings you joy? Do you know? Have you ever thought about it? I have been practicing doing the things that bring me joy daily. Why?  So, I feel good and bring that energy to my next interaction, my next email, my next Zoom. Noticing and doing the things that bring you joy daily is living intentionally, living a life full of JOY.

Go to Bed

Do you ever have those days when things are not going exactly how you want them to go? Those days when you are just not feeling great? Those situations where you snap at someone with a rude comment and don’t know why? I have learned that when these things happen, it might just be time to go to bed…that’s right…go to bed. The other night I got snippy with my Husband and Daughter over a silly thing…I realized…I am just tired

I Believe in YOU

If no one has told you this today…let me be the first…I believe in you! I believe you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I believe you have everything inside of you right now to do the things you want to do. I believe you have enough love inside of yourself to give to others. I believe you are a good person. I believe you are a giving person. I believe you are capable of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I

Unsticking the Stuck

I was stuck today. Stuck on what I should do in a particular situation. I didn’t know the next best step. Then I asked myself the question, the question that got me unstuck… “Why do I want to do this?” Why…why is the key for unsticking the stuck. As soon as I dropped in and answered this question for the situation, I was immediately unstuck and everything began to make sense. I knew exactly what the next best step was. I

Just Decide

Okay what have you been contemplating doing? Starting a business, switching careers, having a child, buying a home? Stop contemplating it and JUST DECIDE. Just decide on the answer and then go ALL in on that answer. Follow it through to the end, giving it your all, diving into it with all your mite. JUST DECIDE, it’s that simple. Stop making it more than that…it’s just a decision. JUST DECIDE.


I think about labels all the time. The labels I am referring to are the ones I give myself. You know the ones, like: I am not organized, I am lazy, I don’t know how to do things right, I can’t do that because that isn’t me, I am not a morning person. You see, these labels hold me back and hold you back from your true potential. We say them like they are the TRUTH…like you were born a morning


You are the creator of your world. You are the creator of your experience. You are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your profession. You are the creator of your day. So… When is the last time you thought about what you wanted to create? When is the last time you got up and decided on purpose what type of day you wanted to create? When is the last time you decided how you wanted to create

What Did You Learn?

What did you learn over the last three months? About yourself? About your family? About your willingness to keep you and your family safe? What did you learn that you don’t want to forget? You’re strong? You’re resilient? You’re flexible? What did you learn that you don’t want to bring forth into the future? What did you learn that has affected you in a positive manner? What did you learn that has made you question things? We have a great opportunity